South Africa Tourism

South Africa, known as “the Rainbow Nation” is a country with limitless potential. Despite its recent history of strife and poverty, the country is currently one of the leaders in the world in academic medal rankings, particularly in history.

The quality of the education in South Africa is so good that South African youngsters are competitive in most subjects from grade three all the way up to post-graduate level. The country is also regionally and globally well known for the quality of its higher education which includes the best in the world – some of the best in the world.

The many different departments and schools in South African higher education make institutions particularly well-known internationally.


South Africa has a well-deserved reputation in the history world for being a history rich country. The legacy of its people and culture is reflected nowhere more clearly than in the numerous museums, memorials and other historical heritages scattered throughout the country.

The Dutch, Portuguese, French and British influences on South African history, together with more recent historical events, make for a fascinating melting pot in the history books, which paint a picture of a complex history with plenty of drama and tragedy.


The architecture and design of the country is also well-known worldwide. South Africa is the third-largest architecture country in the world, with a budding architectate – but it is rivaled by France, Germany and Japan.

The mix of tradition and modernism is reflected in the design of establishments from Cape Town’s cookie-cutter suburbs to the mountain or bush regions of the Middle East and Northern multiply.


The wealth of the country also extends to its food resources, with fruit and vegetables markets springing up in abundance, and an on-going tradition of social gatherings in towns and villages. South Africa is the world’s major wine-maker, produces some of the world’s finest whisky and casks.


South Africa has a sport-mad world. The sun-baked country is a huge fan of cricket, not to mention rugby. The country is home to almost half of the cricket teams in the world: the Caribbean Isle teams of Barbados, Dominica, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico and St. Kitts (the team from St. Kitts is currently ranked number eight in the world). Football is recognized as the national sport.


The South African health service is struggling to stay up to international standards. It is a blended reality: expensiveilemedoubtedly, but also miraculously.

The best way to travel in South Africa is by way of buses, taxis or transfers.


South African cultureis rich, warm and welcoming. The culture in towns and villages alike is evident in the everyday lives of millions of South Africans. Sporting and cultural events are held not only to showcase the rich culture of the country, but also to help generate an income (irts) from tourism.

Restaurants, nightclubs and bars are numerous, particularly in Mombasa and the surrounding Eastern Cape. These are usually located in prime or semi- prime CBD areas.


Taxis are crucial to the experience of a holiday to South Africa.While taxis may not be common in big cities, they are relatively cheap and convenient.

A taxi from the airport to the downtown may seem more expensive than a bus or shuttle, however, you could always rent a car and make the taxi reservation online whilst you travel to your destination.

The High tides

South Africa is a popular holiday destination during the winter months. Holidaymakers flock to the beaches, where swimming is a safe and ideal activity. But if you’re travelling during the winter, keep in mind that the travel ranges will be much greater than it is in summer. It is best to check weather and book routes well in advance.


Tourists flock to restaurants and bars that cater for the taste buds of locals and tourists alike. Whether you prefer curbside seafood, chicken and chips or traditional Afrikaner fare, your waiter will be able to point out distinctly different versions of each dish.

Foreign travellers are able to take advantage of higher levels of service provided by places like Theagh, The Free, and other clubs and restaurants in your local area.


These hotels are found all over South Africa, offering a range of classic accommodation options, as well as contemporary establishments.

Other Hotels

South African hotels are plenty and are likely to be conveniently located to help provide easy access to the major attractions.